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Friday, December 19, 2008

Let's Play Sock and Awe!

Recently, as the whole world knew, President George Walker Bush was currently in shoe-throwing incident during a press conference in Iraq, is now the star of the latest in viral Web games.

Let's Play Online Games! Sock and Awe!

1. United States
2. France
3. Australia
4. United Arab Emirates
5. Saudi Arabia
6. Turkey
7. Egypt
8. United Kingdom
9. Germany
10. Pakistan
11. Lebanon
12. Belgium
13. Poland
14. Jordan
15. Morocco
16. Canada
17. Netherlands
18. Kuwait
19. Switzerland
20. Japan
21. India
22. Spain
23. Tunisia
24. Italy
25. Venezuela


Haha it's really cool! I played just now and I scored 14! I started to play to get the highest ranking for Malaysia but it's not impossible to get to TOP 10! Challenge me & tell me your score!


★Jasmine said...

this is so much fun!!! :D

Anonymous said...

My score is 7 :(. Maybe i'll try it later XD

Anonymous said...

oh no Singapore yet? hehe

Anonymous said...

Happy Holiday

Anonymous said...

bandwich nya habis sock and awe...

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Gandhi Anwar said...

Yeah! exiting!