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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Fresh New Beginning

Bloggers. *drum rolls* Here i am. 2010! I'm back!!!
I keep on pondering, ever since I stopped by my beloved, very own blog. I did nothing but to stare at the screen blankly. Wondering when i'm setting my fingers here. However, I decided to start kick-off writing whenever i'm ready. So here i am. (Maybe that's why that i never closed this page at the first place)

I always tell myself, would i be happier if i abandoned this blog? NO.

Too many memories to retrieve. It's been a year and a half. Before I could move on to a new chapter in my life, I want to just say some things and put my past to rest.

First off all, I'd like to apologize to all bloggers and to my blog (itself) for putting you guys hanging here without updates since last December 2008. I'm sorry it had to come to a situation where i couldn't find myself courage and I want everyone to know that I am no longer the girl you used to know. I became stronger now. Everyone! Please do support me from this time on. Whether you like me or not, I always been a good girl around you, who work hard and I don't think anyone should take anything away from me. And this refers to anything! including this blog as part of my life. I also wish we wouldn't fight and everyone can just get along and move on. To all that negativity things happened at the first place, to be truth it wasn't something I wish for.

I once caught myself for kept on apologizing, and it hurts more! but now, once in a while i'll laugh! because the fact is..... Vise Versa!

I'll start the healing process and let's together keep moving on. Also I would like to add that I was once young and naive and said some things that got blown out of context but would like to add that I am proud to know what type of person you actually are, before it gets worst I thank God for this 'incidence' of meeting you for at least where ever I go, whatever I do, I know what I need to be cautious of. I learn from mistakes. so, I put an end here.
P/S: (Why is it that you, you’re the only who doesn’t know?!)

Jasmine is back!


Umma said...

Hi Jas,

Welcome back.. I cant believe you were MIA for almost 2 years? Whatever made you occupied on those days, Im sure you did the right decision to continue blogging.

Keep posting my friend.

★Jasmine said...

thanks for the support Umma.
i'll do my best in the future! :)