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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Get Stuck In; Forget Diets!

Have you ever heard of "Shogun"? We went to a Japanese buffet restaurant located at One Utama, New Wing where we get to indulge in variety of Japanese cuisine. Pay at the entrance and foods is all yours! No worries, the price per head at a really reasonable price.

* Restaurant: Shogun
* Location: Level 2 New Wing, One Utama
* Price Range per head (lunch): Adult RM 50++
Child RM 30++

Price may change without prior notice.

A group of staffs who welcomed us made us feel the warm atmosphere. As soon as we reached in the restaurant, we took a walk around. The restaurant was quite huge, estimated 150 tables included 350 people. Foods looks really tempting.

While heading to our reserved table, I can see a few Korean ladies in front of us (because I heard they spoke Korea =p) and a few English men (because they're blond =D) behind us.

And let's check them out! I try my best to name the foods I took!

On the table =D

A black bowl and a cup of green tea =D

FREE steamboat filled with vegetables & seafoods

Cooked oyster with grilled lobster and broccoli

(Unneeded cash model ahead.. =p)
Just look at the dishes covered with aluminum thing!

Variety dishes to pick

This was my first plate;
filled with sushi, tempura, dumplings & lots more!

This was the second round.
Hey, look closer; it's Phoenix's feet!
I have no idea what it was actually but it's tasty! =p

It's really tasty when the prawn
mixed with tomatoes and cucumbers!

Yeah, my favorite dish; Lamb shank.
It's really really expensive if you buy somewhere else.
Anyway, it's buffet so I got to eat as many as want! *cheers*

I got special task for you to discover this dessert; Chawan Mushi.
Simply didn't capture the content.
Go figure the Original Chawan Mushi in Shogun! Really nice! =p

It's not really only Japanese buffet, there's Eastern foods, Western foods, Korean foods too. It includes desserts in variety of origins! Tiramisu, cheese cakes, you name it! One and only pit stop of varietals! For overall I give 5/5 stars. Yay!!

You'll have no regrets when you're off with full belly


Anonymous said...

I heaven't heard of shugon, So it's a japanese foods, I don't really eat such foods often but I do love some JFoods, It looks really good in the anyway, the fifth pic Looks delish

★Jasmine said...

it is 'shogun'. teehee ;)
such a waste you don't enjoy Japanese foods..

if you are, then shogun will be like heaven to Japanese's food lover! :p

Anonymous said...

wow.. i like shogun... yummy..

sunny said...

OMG! sushi sushi! maki maki! ahahahaha! i got strve just by looking at thse pics...hmmm the oysters looks so yummy!!!!!

Calvin Soo KJ said...

ive been to shogun for about 3 times. but the food wasnt exactly to my liking. first off, their cheese oyster was a turn off. but their salmon sushi was fine. i had salmon salad the most. ended up in the toilet because i stuffed in too much...hehehe. :)

Jes said...

those foods sure look tasty. never heard of shogun yet. i've tried Jfoods already, and i like some of em. not really all. (:

Tripzibit said...

i like japanese foods very much. That foods yes, that foods hmmm delicious

Ciela said...

Nice to hear you have Shogun/Saisaki over in Malaysia. We have them here on the Philippines too and we do patronize them quite often. Food is great in Saisaki. Also a buffet menu.

Wonderful post. you made me starve!

Anonymous said...

50 rm... is that cheap?! i think it is for great food!