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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

13 years missing & back to owners

Have you ever bought an expensive pet which cost more than you can earn? If yes, I bet you'll sacrifice your own lives to get them back! In some other cases, ordinary pets were missing but owners were dying to get them back.

It's a Bengal Cat not a leopard.
(Price Tag: $800-$3,000)

Once have been China's queen pet in a palace.
Chinese Crested Hairless Puppies
(Price Tag: $4,000-$5,000)

Here's a heart-warming story I would like to share:

SANTA ROSA, California – A couple recently had an unexpected reunion with an old housemate: their pet cat who went missing more than 13 years ago. George, who was last seen by Melinda Merman and Frank Walburg in 1995, was turned into an animal hospital after the manager of a mobile home park trapped the sickly feline.

Merman said after George went missing she visited animal shelters and wrote to veterinarians in search of the gray, yellow-eyed cat, who now weighs less than half what he used to. -Reuters

It's not because of the heavy price tag and everyday foods, it's all about the love.

Now, let's gather more info to get your pets back! Even over 13 years missing, it came back with owners. Moreover, for us, who just lost our beloved mate in a couples of weeks.

1. Act as quickly as possible. The more time that passes between when you lost your pet and the time you start doing what needs to be done, the less likely you'll find your pet.

2. Contact your neighbors. Going door-to-door and knocking may help you find a pet who just wandered into someone else's home.

3. Phone the local animal shelters and veterinarians. They see a lot of animals in a day, they just may have seen your pet and have them in their custody.

4. Enlist the help of your family and friends. Having friends help you will increase the area you'll be able to cover, and they can be there for emotional support.

5. Create fliers. Each flier needs to have the following information:
* Photo, if available.
we are lost
we are lost
Clear description. Include not only how your pet looks, but any medical condition(s) he or she may have.
* Contact information. Include both your daytime phone numbers and your nighttime number. This way anyone who may find your pet will be able to reach you no matter what time it is.
* Reward information (optional). A simple "Reward if found" will suffice.

6. Make copies of the flier. Depending on the size of your neighborhood, you'll need anywhere from 25 fliers to 100.

7. Distribute the fliers. Make sure community areas are covered, as well as public building such as the local grocery store, library, banks, and YMCA.

Just don't give up, will you?


Anonymous said...

makes me realize,, I guess I should give some times later to know how to help animal naman,, Im so into nature, but forgets the habitats in the urban

Anonymous said...

wow in pict of leopard i like it, oh my god is very expensive price jasmine

Mommy Liz said...

I never had a pet but good job on posting how to find your pet as early as possible.

Great story about that missing pet.

And wow! I didn't realize pets can be as expensive as 5 grand? That's a fortune...

v said...

Cats go missing... Children go missing ... The world is crazy.
I really like the picture of the two cute cats.

Ivana said...

mmm...I do not have pet in my house so...I do not have something to be commented,hehehe. anyway, thx for visiting my
North Sulawesi

eldivenlerim said...

hi there;) wow, very expensive, but second picture is very cute;)