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Monday, October 20, 2008

Tips For Protecting Your Kids or Other Kids!

Nowadays, anything can happen. I read a newspapers this morning and found out about 3 cases per day that kids were kidnapped and worst of all, you don't know where was your fault for not protecting them? And here, I compiled my researches from all different kind of sources and i'd hope you should take note from now on.

Experts say parents should tell their children to...

  • Never talk to strangers. It's a simple, but effective strategy.
  • Always be suspicious - not to assume everyone is trustworthy.
  • Never leave with anyone other than their parent or someone that the parent has approved.
  • To scream as loud as possible if they feel threatened: "You're not my mommy!" "You're not my daddy!" To cry, "HELP" sometimes is seen as a child who might be disobeying one of their parents. (I heard this one on Fox News 2/04)
  • To seek out the first adult they see for help if they feel threatened.

Then experts say parents should...

  • Be specific when going over possible dangerous scenarios with children - In the incident in California, the abductor allegedly lured Samantha Runnion by saying he was looking for a missing dog.
  • Give your child some sort of training, either with Karate, or some form of self defense. This protection will last a lifetime.
  • When going to bed make sure the doors and windows are locked.
  • Monitor the computer. You never know who your child may be talking to.
  • When walking any place, make sure your child is always with a friend.
Always remember that child abductions don't just happen somewhere else!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks for these great tips! It seems that nowadays, you can't trust a lot of people with regard to your children. It won't hurt to be extra careful.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, we should always keep our children from the negative association ... thank you for your tips, always successfull

Anonymous said...

Hi Jasmine, love the cute. Kids are really angels on earth.

anyways, you have just been tagged!

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Let's promote this awareness for women!Happy Friday!

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Unknown said...

nice to be back here again...i came here before but the comment box didn't work well so i'm trying again...

enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Unknown said...

thanks for sharing this. it's really hard to trust anyone these days..