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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Dreams & Nightmares

Having a terrible nightmares last night? Then, maybe you might think, at least once in a lifetime, "I don't want to have nightmares, so I decided not to sleep, forever". Yeah, I bet everyone did think that way when childhood days..

If you don't sleep, you will go crazy. REM (Rapid Eye Movement) and NREM (Not Rapid Eye Movement) sleep seem to regenerate peoples mind. If your mind doesn't sleep and dream, your mind gets clogged and goes crazy. There was a study on a boy, and they woke him up just before he was about to dream. He went mad in three days.

Somehow, I wonder how do the disables dream? Here are my researches,

People who are born blind- have special dreams made to their condition. People who are not born blind, however dream about how they lost their site. People who are born blind have no visual dreams but have, but can hear a lot better.

People who are born deaf - have dreams related to their disability. People who are born deaf have more vivid colors and have detail of things they see in there dreams and instead of having speech in their dreams they have sign language.

See, even the disables have specialties. They always thankful for everything GOD gives, there are always be reasons behind their disableness.

And you should, too. You're perfect, so be double the thank, then!


Anonymous said...

wow that's interesting, I have no idea about that, thanks for sharing sis, I do have a lot of dreams back in childhOods, mostly are scary but I never really had the bad or nightmare, Ionno.

sunny said...

whoa! this is a very nice post...agree, theres always a reson for eveything...we just only need to bite into the bright side of life,hehehee!