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Monday, September 1, 2008

Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2008

Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2008
OF 2007 IS BACK!

12th August 2008 - 29th August 2008

For two weeks in August, the skies over Putrajaya are to be lit up by a series of pyrotechnics displays. The pyrotechnic artistry will be different from regular fireworks shows as this one is meticulously choreographed to music.

The Ministry of Tourism will again host the Malaysia International Fireworks Competition this August in Putrajaya. Renowned world-class Fireworks Teams from around the world will compete for the 'Golden Merdeka Trophy'. The Ministry has announced that there will not be any Tickets sold this year at the Event. The event is Free for All! Speakers will be installed at the public viewing locations, enabling the spectators to enjoy the 'Musical Firework Displays'. Entrance to PICC is Free.

Pictures Credit: chiewkit


eunice said...

wow those fireworks are stunning, so nicely taken!

Pete said...

Nice pictures. I missed the display...oh!

Anonymous said...

Wow... certainly greated if all of them very free... took part in watching......

eldivenlerim said...

hello there, nice and colourful fireworks, happy days;)

★Jasmine said...

yeahh i LOVE it too~!

p/s: special thanks to chiewkit for the wonderful pictures! =D