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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Chocolates Mixtures For Chocolates Addicts

Various forms of chocolate are created by combining pure chocolate liquor with its components cocoa butter and cocoa powder, plus other ingredients of sugar, milk or cream in various proportions. Under FDA standards, the following are defined:

  • Bitter chocolate - pure chocolate liquor, cooled and molded into bricks.
  • Cocoa powder - powdered dry part of the liquor after the cocoa butter is removed.
  • Semisweet chocolate - chocolate liquor with added cocoa butter and sugar, containing at least 35% liquor.
  • Sweet dark chocolate - having a higher proportion of sugar than semisweet, but with at least 15% chocolate liquor.
  • Milk chocolate - a mixture of chocolate liquor, at least 10%, with added cocoa butter, sugar, and milk or cream.
  • White chocolate - a compound substance in which the cocoa butter is replaced by another vegetable fat; it actually can be made in several shades of color.
  • Chocolate syrup - a combination of chocolate liquor, cocoa, sugar, water and sometimes other flavorings.


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