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Friday, August 22, 2008

How Old Do I Look?

Can you tell how old something is just by looking at it?

Some people are good at telling other people’s ages. They can look at you and know you are 9 years old or 22 or 49 or 99. How? They read the clues: your size, shape, whether your hair is gray (or gone), wrinkles, how you talk, and how you act.


ƒörèvër HL said... to tell?
can u tell? ^^


Rosilie said...

Include also, how you dress up and glow. You are usually 5 years younger when you oftentimes smile.hehehehhe

Unknown said...

ang galing naman, ako yata di marunong sa manghula sa age...hehehe...

btw, thanks for visiting korean food.

happy friday! opppsss...Saturday na pala! hehehe...

Unknown said...

hi sis, you've been tagged here.

have a nice weekend!