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Saturday, September 22, 2007

My Current Life Lately

It's been a long time i haven't update this blog. I'm too busy to prepare my upcoming exam. my mother bought a few sets of exercise books, and i'm okay with it! Today is my off day, trying to do something to release my stress. [guess this blog might help]

In this past few days.. i started fasting. well, it's fun anyway. i want to wait until 'malam lailatul qadar' appears. [i can't wait!!] i hope all my wishes come true. InsyaAllah.. and oh yup! last night was my school 'majlis berbuka puasa & solat hajat'.I don't know why am i got a small appetite.. but i not putting a blame on others. and.. of course, i saw my seniors. he's wearing yellow 'baju melayu'. aninama was wearing blue & white 'baju kurung' [without sunglasses] while anilrefrus was wearing an orange 'jubah'. and for the others, they didn't appears. i don't know why.
guess i shouldn't write or maybe.. even talk about them. it sounds like i'm a stalker, am i? Oh.. you're might be right.. they attracted my attention at the first place.. don't ask why.. even me, myself couldn't figure it out.

Starting off before the 'majlis' began.. i mean in the morning, there was a teacher asked me a favor. she tough me how to mark form 5's exams paper [add maths]. i was shocked! really shocked. i started marking his class. and you know what? he got 1 wrong for modul 2 and 2 for modul 1! [Whoaa~] i then continue marking anilrefrus's paper and you know what?? she got 7 wrong for modul 1 and 5 for modul 1. Oh.. my friends said they couldn't believe it. but oh.. that's the truth! even other seniors can get 3-4 wrong.. how can she get 7?? and she was the head prefect for 2006/2007. haha.. unbelievable?? believe it. i was the one who marked.. why should i lie anyway?? there's no point at all. and i was wondering why wasn't the head prefect wasn't him. continue to mloclam, he got 'pemulihan'. [maybe he's too over-confident] for modul 2 he got 2 and modul 1 for 1.. equivalent to 3 'pemulihan'! [OH! i thought he was a genius, so did lladnar] then lladnar, he was also got a bad result but.. he didn't have to go to 'pemulihan'. just ok ok mark a.k.a 'cukup-cukup makan je'. AND that's just the trial! for the others.. okay too but not so great as his. =)

Obviously, i'm quite happy to know them very well. anilrefrus wasn't as great like i thought before. sounds awful rite??

OK! i'll stop writing about them. i've created this blog specially for my life journey anyway.. why should i talk about them?? hahaha..Well, i started my day by taking my bath.. I've done doing my revision last night. but, this morning, my teacher can't come.. Oh.. Ok then.. at school, all of my class got d'merit because they didn't upon our history teacher. and the truth was, she didn't d'merit me. YAY! she wasn't not fair actually. i mean it was their fault. they should putting a blame on others. seriously, i'm telling the truth. i wasn't trying to back her but, didn't they even tried to search their fault before blaming others? i guess i've been all teacher's lover lately, didn't i? even my english teacher did. including my malay teacher did, too! and her, the maths teacher & her too, KH teacher.. [i'm not trying to show off or something.. but it seems to be] *praise to God* =)

lately, i don't think i've shown my best at KH class. Hmm.. this is because we've moving on to sewing topic! Urggh! i don't know how am i going to send the plain cloth to her without any sewing.. just look at her face! hahaha.. but thank god too! the sewing machine was rusty! YAY! but.. i shouldn't be happy now.. we still can use hand to sew.. sew.. sew.. ya ya ya.. it was EXCITING! [NOT!!] but i still want to show her i CAN sew very well.. i'll try my best! [although i usually failed, but NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!] i'll prove it, for sure! i will and i can! Whoo~ let's go!

I'll carry on to the situation at home. Home.. Home Sweet Home. my parents did well. i mean they isn't like my friend's parents and siblings. I Love Them! about my siblings.. not much. although we're not at the same sex, but we're all close to one other. jelous aren't you? like i've written above.. my family wasn't same as others. i'm lucky, am i? although sometimes i argued with my brothers [usually the first one] we'll be okay for the next day. hahaha.. couldn't believe it?? me too!

p/s: about acap, haha.. zahra changed my screen saver as 'Acap luv u'.. haha.. i've just realized it just now..

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