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Saturday, September 29, 2007

It's Time To Cherish


Let's say together, 'YAY'!!!!
i've spent a day by updating all for my precious blog..
well, how was it? better than before ya?
i love it! tee hee. =)

oh by the way, i though i wanted to change my layout.
i mean, there was one layout. so nice but.. there were a few complex steps.
i couldn't find where's the HTML code box. heh.
uhh.. nevermind.

i've changed all of them except the layout. however, i guessed this layout wasn't that bad.
i've been feeling bored with the same layout, perhaps.
somehow continued to adding ChatBox. a few complicated colours available. but..
black at last. weird? nahh.. it's cool anyway. in case i want to change my layout, no need to change the ChatBox anymore.

at last, i was satisfied with my blog right now. =)

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