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Friday, August 31, 2007

world is better off without....

today is the independent day! *woot* <sigh> i'm too excited! it's holiday AGAIN! my cousin came here for a sleep-over. cool. she's a good listener. fiuh... finally my geografi's folio DONE! <yawn>. This is THE MOST UNBELIEVABLE part, i've done doing all this work for just 2 days! on tuesday+ wednesday. what a world guiness world record! 2 days, i mean WHAT? just 2 days??. yes. that's the fact. i'm done. Geo, done. =)

lately, my English teacher, Bal, wanted us to do Newspaper In Education a.k.a N.I.E where all thoughs, ideas and body langueges will be present to the class. Well, frankly, for me, it's so easy & interesting. and oh, talk about 'presentation', my first reaction was, "WHAT?? Awesome! whee~ c'mon! let's get started, NOW!" [i acted like that because i've been getting the praises everytime, and oh well, i'm too stingy am i? i want to get it lots more & more!] =)

and the day of presentation will be shown to the class, i felt soooo excited because i'm totally sure i'm gonna be praise, soon. and, yes. Balvir did. that time, oh man! only God knew how does i impressed her at the public, including my classmates.

one thing i'm a bit.. quite.. angry at her. not joking. yes. i did mad at her, not because i didn't get the praises, because she.. shorten up my speech! she love my speech, my body language and ALL! and she decided to write my speech at the board. well, i felt happy, of course! but..... she REALLY LAZY to write all my speeches at the board. SO SHE SHORTEN IT UP WITHOUT MY PERMISSION! she's not supposed to do that! i've been thinking all the perfect ideas, reasonable elaborations, standart-status grammar but all the did was SHORTEN IT UP?! doesn't make any... ANY SENSE, OK!

p/s: i though i'm the only one who hate her, but my classmates, too! =)

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