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Saturday, August 18, 2007

How Does Time Flies!

It's been a quite long time i didn't post at dashboard at my 'open diary'. I hope by posting this, means my open diary/blog hasn't die yet. I've been wasting my time lately to search on layouts. But none of them fit my taste. Oh man... 2 more years, seems like 2 minutes for me to get through this moment. I mean 'wow'! I've grown up so fast, perhaps. Seems like just now i've played with plushie toys. AND THE MOST UNBELIEVABLE PART IS, i've been to a camp! my FIRST camp! yay! [but there was a burst! i've some feeling s*ckish there! NOT EVEN ONE SWEET MEMORY I'VE PICKED THERE! ok. I might be joking. Well, there was... actually some sweet memories. But, frankly, with that form 5 seniors? ] . Ok! That's all from now. Got to go. Tata. =)

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