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Monday, August 13, 2007

The Grand Opening!!!

First and foremost, I want to show my appreciation to everyone especially my brother for introducing me to do this blog. I know i should use paper wisely. Oh well, i know it's a 'global warming' all around the world right now and it's a 'React week'. So, no more trees were allowed to be chop down blindly. We're now craving for more technologies stuff but don't you know that the world is craving for more trees and it's getting weaker BECAUSE OF US?! We used that IT stuff for our own benefit but please, please care about the earth, don't be selfish! Moving on, Ahoy! I've finally created my first memorable blog! Actually, since yesterday i should post out this 'The Grand Opening' for my new blog! but i'm quite busy yesterday.

Well, it's been a hard time for me to create my new email (gmail). I've been dreaming to have this blog since the day my brother introduce this blog for ages ago but, i just realised the benefit of creating it yesterday. My most favourite part-time hobby is writting an essay. I dislike to speak something useless. It's better to be 'Diam-diam ubi berisi' (Malay's proverb). I think it's better to be a good listener rather than being a 'tin kosong' (Malay's proverb), perhaps. That's my style. But i'm not too silence. Sometimes i might be loud. Always. Since i was in primary school till now, i never get my essay test below than 8O%. Once i say i had never get it below than that, it's also included with my other languages test. It's a best-thing-i-ever-done, writting an essay. In my past experience, my essays were the best! I'm not joking! Even me, myself couldn't believe that i was the one who wrote this. Now, i'm growing older.. i'm starting to do N.I.E (Newspaper In Education), where the teamwork and speeches are needed. I'm responsible to do the speech. For me, speech are actually quite same as writting an essay. I just need to speak out my written essay to the audience. Well, it's easy. Just 'wow' for me with this. So, i've proved that i'm not really a quite person either in or out. I only talk when i think the situation fits my word.

So, this is it. The Grand Opening for my blog! *praise to god* =)

p/s: i guess i'm not trying to show off or something. This is my blog. My only 'paper blog'. I want to write whatever i think it's interesting to be told by others and even me, after i'm growing older and older, i want this blog to be the prove for my beloved children that i'm not worthless people when i was a liltle kid. It's My Unforgettable Life Journey Moments blog.

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