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Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I know, I saw his true colours. That's why i hate him. Got it? The reasonable reason to decline him. I had a wrong impression on him! That's why i've been avoiding him. For his lesson learn, he had been rejected from his crush. *Cheers* He's no longer a frog prince... He's totally a FROG! Memories about him really meant to be fade at my heart. Thank god, for showing me the real situation. I should have realize it before... From now on, i should learn not to judge cover by its book and i've also learn that i have to study hard, NO such thing as 'coupl-ing' right now. I'm still young for that. Infact, I'M NOT ALLOWED MYSELF TO! (and that's the truth!). It's okay to fall in love but make sure they were meant to be loved a.k.a God, Prophets, Family, Books, etc.

p/s: My last word from me to you, prince (that ain't called prince any longer): Bon Voyage, -Ridz-

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