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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

MY First Family Member Engagement

My first brother engagement was on last Saturday, 10th July 2010. This is why families are awesome! And sad. And dysfunctional. And HYSTERICAL. haha :)

The bride-to-be house was full of colors, she pampered herself well in traditional outfits and greeted us with delicious desserts. I've blinded by traditional desserts, hmm- when was the last time i had these?

If the native made a desserts in the right way, right portion. You see, i wouldn't want to look at the blueberry cheese tarts from now on! I got my self dressed up too.. some make ups and lipsticks, i guess it's just better to be overdressed than under-dressed!

However, this engagement was just beginning, next will be his weddings! Next year, around the third month! I just can't wait, just enjoy the show! Oh, and what's with the tantrums? My eardrum hurts mom, dad. Take it easy.

P/S: brother, engagement day is exceptional. Your wedding day is the most special day in your life, so please don't hire a cheap photographer like me! xD


Sam D. said...

congratulation to your family and to your brother. I hope everything well be fine.

ƒörèvër HL said...

hey! congratulations to your bro ya.... and really hope to see how u look like in make-ups...hahahahha ^.^


★Jasmine said...

thank you so much! i really appreciate your concern! :D