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Friday, July 16, 2010

Accessories for Your Ears

Even if you are a guy, ears have always been your bejewelled part! Now you can add to your ear's bling quotient with the 18 carat gold, diamond-encrusted earphones!

Each earphone, made by top jeweller Casa Gi based in Belgium, is encrusted with 59 of the highest quality diamonds! it had been individually set in 18 carat gold! Can you believe it?

These listening devices give a crystal clear sound and a sparkling appearance. Whooa my eyes are blinded now! The 18 grams of gold makes the piece fairly heavier than the regular set of earphones yet they are just as comfortable, claim the makers.

I totally want it! The earpieces are attached to a white wire with a standard jack that fits into most MP3 players and computers.

The only pair of Casa Gi earphones in the UK is currently on sale at Clive Ranger jewelry shop in Bristol for $ 3,499. Expensive eh? keep it to yourself! it's a real gold after all!


Unknown said...

OMG dats quite a price for earf0ne, anyway, dat's really coOl but I can't afford such thing. haha! I'd love to have--- someday, :))

★Jasmine said...

yeah! bling bling!
and, i wonder how much it weights! :D