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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bike Helmets: Gaga Style !

Imagine how cool it would be if someone really produced helmets like this! and i go, Ow Ow Ow Ow, Ow My Gawd! hehe Nice eh? Don't you just drool looking at this?? I'm Going Gaga over this ! :D

well, you see. sigh. My dad won't let his children up on a motorbike. and my mom says, it's very dangerous. So, i never ride on one. but now, i'm drooling over helmets designs! i am so random..

Jasmine Laughs: Gagagagaggagaga :D


Unknown said...

I wonder how much weight do they have to put on that helmet, da blings looks coOl on those, YAYS! Wish they are real:D

Cindy said...

Cool! I love them too! But I'm also one of them whose parents do not allowed to drive a motorbike.

★Jasmine said...

i whine a lot about getting a ride!!
but as far as i'm concerned, safety does comes first :D

my parent (and yours) got their point there! :D

Onion said...

Haha so shiny the helmet :P

Happy Weekends too (:

Tebinfea said...

Hello dear friend.
Happy Saturday and good weekend.
I hope for you the sun.

Badrin said...

its cool helmet....