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Monday, September 15, 2008

Shoe-shopping tips

Shop for shoes? then here are few tips to prevent blisters, using socks, a bandage or similar protective covering over the area being rubbed.

You might also try attaching moleskin to the inside of your shoe where it might rub, such as at the heel. Special athletic socks are available that have extra padding in critical areas. Apart from that;

* Shop during the middle of the day. Your feet swell throughout the day, so a midday fitting will probably give you the best fit.

* Wear the same socks you'll wear when walking, or bring them with you to the store.

* Measure your feet. Shoe sizes change throughout adulthood.

* Measure both feet and try on both shoes. If your feet differ in size, buy the larger size.

* Go for flexible, but supportive, shoes with cushioned insoles.

* Leave toe room. Be sure that you can comfortably wiggle your toes.

* Avoid shoes with seams in the toe box, which may irritate bunions or hammertoes.


Unknown said...

i love shoes. i'm so addicted to it. but unfortunately now, i wear only steel toe shoes to work. not much of a chance to get my feet to something i feel wearing! my shoes now are mostly awaiting weekends! i love weekends just as well because i can wear something different from what i usually wear during weekdays!

i tell you... i've never had a comfy steel-toe shoes not even once! but got to love them... no choice!

Film Wishes said...

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