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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

How To Tell a Raw Egg from a Hard Boiled Egg

If you hold up two eggs and one is hard-boiled and the other is raw, you might wonder how to know which is which.

A simple test will reveal the answer. Spin them carefully on a countertop. The hard-boiled one spins and the raw one doesn't. This is because the hard-boiled egg is solid so everything spins in one direction, while the inside of the raw egg sloshes in different directions and, therefore, doesn't allow it to spin. Try it and see for yourself.


eunice said...

I had a strange feeling when I was holding an egg yesterday. When I broke open it, guess what, it had no egg yoke! However, once 3 of us were at the same time, eating our hard-boiled eggs, and viola! All 3 eggs had 2 egg yokes each!

Unknown said...

hi sis, thanks for visiting korean food and thanks also for the link...i linked you up, too in both of my blogs.

good night!

Neri said...

Ooh.. thought you can do a water test. I don't have any eggs right now to do that. (I'm at work. Teehee.)

★Jasmine said...

EGGS~ yummmy ^^
Water test do works as well =D
thanks for the suggestion =O