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Friday, June 13, 2008

How do you get a bunch of money really fast?

Like within a couple days.
How do you get a whole bunch of money really fast?

So, here are some suggestions:

-Borrow from a payday loan store. You usually can borrow $100 and up to $1,500 at a time, depending on the chain.

-Take out a refinance or home equity loan on your real property (only if you have good credit). In a lot of cases, these loans can close within 5-10 days after applying.

-Pawn or sell various items (music CDs, DVDs, jewelry, antiques, cleaning equipment, etc.). Having a yard sale may also help with money and reorganize your home.

-Collect and turn in scrap metal (you be surprised at how much metal is around)

-Ask multiple people you know well to let you borrow a small amount of money and place a date to pay them back. For example, borrow $20 each from your mom, friend, co-worker and sweetheart for a total $80. You get help easier than asking only one person to lend you one large amount of money.

-Try scratch-off lotto tickets. You usually get the best luck when you buy them from the more affluent parts of town.

-Apply for only one credit card.

credits: krystol_trice =)

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