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Friday, May 9, 2008

Women Sixth Senses

on Wednesday, 7th May 2008.

i cried.
at school.

i don't really exactly understand why i did cried,
even it's not me whom being attacked.

i cried more than people whom being attacked.
it feels right.
to me.

i'm not being bullied.
nor being shoot.

i cried because...
i felt i'm the one,

because, they're part of me.

althought they don't really treat me as one,
(even though sometimes i did, too)

but FRIENDS are meant FOREVER.

when i saw them in tears, mine follow flow...
maybe this is what we call, the bond.
women sixth sense, instinct.

to rewind the past,
i refused.

things just go as they pleased.
good things will turn up on the other way round,

believe in that?

they're not fault at the first place.
but then,
KARMA shows up.

now is their turn.


hey, do you ever heard of this phrase;
'life is like a roller, sometimes you're up, sometimes you're down'

God takes lives whenever He wants.
either you're up, nor down,

know how you stand up after a few test..


rely on Allah alone.

signing off,

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