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Friday, May 9, 2008

F R I E N D-s?

since i was little,
i don't believe in best friends relationship.
i don't really spill the beans to anybody about this....

but i guess i want to be frank at this moment,
although nobody's listening..
it's better than somebody's listening without knowing the truth...

best friends?

means a group of people who
have a really good loongrelationship,
either in good mood or not,
always be there,
won't betrayed each other,
honest in any matters.

that's what i think.
but it's actually a lot than that..

every time i watched a drama/movie,
i saw a lot of type of friendships.
honesty, happiness, betrayed, hurts..

i don't consider it as friendship..
or maybe,
i don't really understand what friendship is..

nobody understands..
isn't that great to have one.....


i've once got one,
but at the end, she's not the one...

we ended up hurting each other,
especially me.

whatever comes next,
the word will always be
'best friends'

because i've never had one.....

signing off,

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