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Saturday, January 12, 2008

welcoming 1429

1429 appeared!

and of course,
new year,
new hopes,

new result,
new.. ?

... and the list go on..... Amin..
to get a better year than past years.. InsyaAllah.

getting much busier than before, pardon for the latest post.
i'll be more active this year in studies, sports, clubs and certain things to get a better personality.
seriously, this year i don't even think of playing, talking rubbish (talk about guys.. and even girls that i really irritate), and more.. i really planned to be more serious. no joke. yes. i will.

this year, Balvir will also teach me English. i thought this year might be better. but... no. NO!
Science teacher (yes)
Geographic teacher (yes! she's cool!)
B.M teacher (i'm a bit dissapointed.. but.. yes..)
Agama teacher (still the same.. desperate a bit, yes or no?)
Ust. will teach us the same subject. (yes lo)
KKQ will be Ustzh. Aniza (quite OK. no comment)

and there'll be so on...
frankly this year we're a bit did not heard. we change session. so we were a bit 'not heard'. so that's why.. our class started late. teachers were not provided as well for us. but i don't care. i'll make my own way to be NUMBER 1! InsyaAllah.

i might not going to watch such movies and dramas. i'll train myself to be prepared. 100%.
and.. i naik pangkat! at library. i'm actually bendahari. but i refused. there'll so many work to do and i really hate to walk round the school to collect money. so, i get ketua APD and ketua harian for Friday. Alhamdulillah. =)

form now on, my subjets growing to 9! and there'll be about 13-15 topics a subjects. imagine that! no playing around la..

i also get into my right gear for Chinese. i've improved. =)
still losing grip for Arabic. hmm.... i'll do my best!
maths? on the go!
and ..? what else?..


this night, we're going to Burger King for dinner.
Dad's company will have family day.. but looks like that's invitation will be burn..
Mom will guide my brother to his PMR. Mom wouldn't go.. so.. needless to say..

my second brother planned to buy me a phone. still wondering which one i want. his practical will be ended soon.
my first brother looks weird lately.. girls' instinct will always right. like.. did he done anything wrong?

signing off,

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