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Thursday, December 6, 2007

the PAST and upcoming FUTURE..

tu tu tu...


yes yes yes! 4 days to go! whoo hoo~ i'm getting extremely excited! i've prepared everything! still wondering how will it be, ne? breath in, breath out... it's definitely gonna be okay!

i just came back from restaurant. before gone there, my mom & i went to Guardian shop to buy our personal things. after eating, we went home. shockingly, my father is coming home tonight! it was so relieved to see his face. yea, right, i missed him. haha. well, kind of tods, eh? *.*

the man going to seat for his exam, but still... he doesn't seems to be serious about it. hmm.. at my condition, i can just watch by far.. he kept on disturbing me in classes. (not really attracted by his actions but his words, too RUDE!) and i kept on blaming him in my little heart.. guess i wouldn't be relieve if i didn't write in my little blog, rite? what? what else can i do?..

the guy.. keep on getting on my nerves.. what's up with that huggies in front of me? wth. did he even get to show his point? i'll pretend nothing's happened. frankly, i'm sick of pretending..

the prince.. he'll always be a prince. i know. he usually gets angry but didn't blow & show it up. i know how does he feel. it's better in pretending, eh? nobody knows, nobody gonna take actions and it's all just go peacefully... as the man wish to.. my my!

my mom was so happy and i can even see her perfect smile all the way waiting for my dad. well, i wonder i'll be like her when i'm marriage. LOL! what am i talking about! every marriaged couple does! i mean, everyone does! it's human nature.

oh yeap! check out my last post. [TaKe tHis teSt! it' s ratHeR fUn! =)] i found it when i was searching Fahenheit's lyrics. looked like interesting. so, i tried. almost 2 days long i did it! unbelievable? believe it. fun. yea. fun. tired. yea. tired.... of searching! T.T

i want to search for Fahrenheit lyric, then.. i should search for all-songs-in-universe to complete it! LOL! i'm not blaming anyone. i just want to see the result. man! it's worth it! it was the first (and last time, perhaps.. =P) i'll do that kind of survey.

Original- 5Dec

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