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Thursday, November 22, 2007

S.H.I then T

maybe that's the word. how does i really feel.. and it's FINALLY BURSTED OUT! =P

oh.. i beg your pardon ladies and gents.
i've just added some pretty things to see.
my brother introduce it. cool, eh? =)

ops! my last post was.. on 7th Nov.. sorry sorry..
i did sign in.. but don't know what to write.. hehe.. =)

Hana Kimi!!! yea! i've watched until episode 11. just for now..
then.. a monkey stole the PC.. then.. i need to use another PC.
well.. positively, it is great as this PC's internet is going well enough.
what will i do next? write write and write.. i'm searching for the silence.. shhh!

maybe.. all i need to write is.. what happened for the whole day..
it was long enough.. to SURVIVE! haiz~ tired all day cleaning up the house..
especially my room.. really tired... huh.. i'm glad it's over.. =)

not fair.. again.. ya ya ya.. get rid of it! nothing's going to change anyway..
my dad just came back for offshore.. my mom looks excited.. (of course!)
num 1.. as usual la.. =P
num 2.. came back from work.. looks happy.. =)
monkey... emo emo! uhhh.. i can't stand him anymore..

last night.. i sms-ed Syahir and Mukhriz. jz a kinda chit chatting. RM 2 disappeared. haha. i chat with Syahir. he wrote 'haven't sleep and happy birthday'. i wrote 'eh? happy birthday?' then he replied 'your birthday was on 11th Nov right?'. i wrote 'thanks for the wish. but frankly my birthday was on the 7th. i appreciate ur birthday wish. *smiley*'. 3 mins later he asked about my exams. i say it was quite scored. he say.. he got 50 for history.. then i said it's okay. you've try your hardest. good luck for the next history test. then.. he said for him, 50 are bad. theorily, it was BAD. but i advised him. somehow he asked me 'what class are you in? 1st or 2nd?' i replied '1st. don't worry too much. it's over anyway. good night!' since after the message, he didn't reply me at all.. i wonder why. hmm

with Mukhriz.. whatsoever we're talking.. haha... 'bored'.. 'what are you doing? watching tv? oh what channel? when are you going to sleep? ohh..' and it goes round and round.. eh.. want to noe something? he sent me some kind of fun message which is.. what will you say to me if you've only 15 second left to live? MUST REPLY. forward this to 15 people. you'll get big surprise what they've sent. *smiley*. at that time.. i simply wrote 'u're the most macho guy'. that's just because i was busy advising Syahir. then i simply-simply wrote. i thought it was just for fun. around 2 minutes later, he sent me quotes which sounds like..

'tiny stars shining bright, it's time for me to say goodnight. so close your eyes and sunggle up tight, i'm wishing you sweet dreams tonight. k-goodnight. i am very sleepy right now'.

then.. i thought it was going to be the end of our conversation.. then.. my phone rang.. '1 new message'.. i opened it.. and it sounds like, 'it means i hope you have a sweet dreams not a ghost dream! K!' i was just like.. oh. okayy.. when i wanted to reply.. another one message received. from him. 'are you sleepy? now? i'm so sleepy now! K-bye! and lastly 'assalamualaikum ya *my name*.' i was just like.. oh. okay okay.. i get it.. you're sleepy, so do i.. then i erased the words that i supposed to send to him and i wrote 'oh. okay. waalaikummussalam. good night for the sec time. *smiley*'. THE END.

but... but....... BUT! today i opened my phone and it says like '*my name* i love you' i replied.. 'huh?' then he replied 'I dah lame ske kat U'. i replied the same words but in capital letter. he wrote something.. URGHH!! UWeeKKkK! words.. EEeee~
then i scold him.. 'huh? oi, xdgr khutbah jumaat ke?'. but he keep on replying the same words.. IRRITATING WORDS! URRGGHHH! so, keep silence. untill 2 p.m. (now)

i wonder what was he up to.. for me.. i'll definitely.. DEFINITELY, REJECT! for sure.
i mean.. c'mon man.. i've learn rejecting people.. i mean it. problem for sure! =)

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