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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Back to Normal- Pretty Normal

guess it's too plain..
nahh.. i just don't care anymore.

i'm bored. yep. maybe that's all i wanted to write. i'm outta here.

hah! not yet. i got plenty to write about today. =)
today... TODAY!!! TODAYYY!!! i've been waiting for a year.. and.. this is it!
guess it's meaningless for now. heh. only God knows what am i talking about..
URGH! stop it! i don't want to talk about it anymore! it's too painful to bare...

moving on.. it was.. it is.. too painful.. my family members just forget my special occasion. it is SPECIAL! i mean.. it's held.. ONCE IN A YEAR! how could they..

and things get undone when everything didn't match it. huh...
frankly, sometimes.. it wasn't because of me. It's their fault. they forget my special day, bought my totally-unacceptable dish, bought few boxes of stinky drink and even bought weird ice-cream flavour.. lime?? duhh.. and it was no end.. too much too explain.. all of that were just a piece of it. trust me.

sometimes.. i felt that it was my fault. maybe i'm too much! too selfish for my own sake. but frankly talk, they were to blame. THEY ARE too selfish and they even didn't notice me. HELLO! HELLO! CAN ANYBODY HEAR ME?? nobody.. yep

i wonder why does people say i am lucky because i'm the YOUNGEST and ops! the ONLY GIRL. but i don't feel any different. yes! I DON'T! why girls always dreamt to be the yougest? huh?? ehh! girls know nothing about being 'the real and the only princess' in the house! my elder brother was treated like 'the perfect prince-charming'.. ever.. i guess it was pretty frustrating enough. i'll be notice no more...

talk about fairness... it'll never be fair on me. i can't stand with this anymore!
i tried to be nice.. ever.. and things get upside down..
i tried to be the best, ever.. and i did.
they ignored. they say.. it wasn't good could've done better than this
i tried to get a lot of certificates, ever.. and i did.
they didn't even know i got it...

the elder always leads the happiness.. it's not fair...

hmm.. holiday's on! i don't think i'm gonna celebrate it as i usually did.
there were few reasons. firstly, this year we are going to Korea and Shanghai.
yep. so nice to heard that untill.... i heard SHANGHAI!!!!! what the???

in this past few years, we've been to China. but at that moment, i haven't learn to speak chinese. and this time.. i've learn chinese. so. what, huh? NOOOO!!!!
i need to speak with my chinese. Frankly, YES! it is easy! seriously.
but... but..... but........ i'm not talking with my local people...
well.. kind of excuses heh? NOOOOO!!! it's for real!
i barely can understand -'the real chinese speech'-. i mean.. their 'loghat'

my teacher bought her CDs for the tuition. The CDs were all about chinese-english conversation. She tried to play-pause the CDs. She asked me about what were they talking about.. and i barely answer it correct. hm. what a shame!

then... i started to imagine how am i gonna talk to the local with.. with that silly 'loghat'.. NO!!! i'll be shame of myself.. especially when my parents will be there, wathing me, revealing my intelligence.. NOOOOO!!!! i won't let it happen!

oh! tomorrow is my teacher's daughter's birthday! 8th November! i wonder i'll be there for the party. friday will be.. Iman's open house. i wonder i'll be there, too. hopefully, yes.

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