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Thursday, November 29, 2007

L.O.V.E struck!

my my! i totally in LOVE with Fahrenheit! =)

actually, before i knew them.. there were a lot of fans club at friendster.
i just don't bother.. because, every friends page.. atlease 3 of the clubs were from Fahrenheit.
i don't know them as GREAT as now.. but before i realised, i wasn't interested them much.

but after i knew them.. i guess i was like TRULY, MADLY, IN LOVE~
Fahrenheit is actually a boys band. guess i don't have too say so much.. it's actually a common sense for all Fahrenheit lover! =D

cute little Jiro~! the most member in Fahrenheit that i LOVE!
he was an actor in Hana Kimi and plays Jin Xui Yi. somehow, i found his friendster profile. a bit shock,.. TOTALLY SHOCKED! i'm extremely happy! but.. i was kind of.. feeling weird. because, i read, that he'd only online in his blog ONLY. hmm.. i found his blog as well.. but, he's using 'wretch'. which is a blog that accept chinese characters. so, those words doesn't APPEAR! I was so.. HEARTBROKEN! ='(


the first time i heard Fahrenheit song was in Hana Kimi. My reaction was.. WOW' ! the story was SUPERB and popular. Theme songs was popular, not only that! the characters, too! (combination all most popular artist in Taiwan!)

Theme songs: [Including S.H.E, Fahrenheit, and Tank!]

01. Zen Me Ban /What Should I Do? (Opening Song)
02. Zhuan Shu Tian Shi/ My Only Angel (Ending Song)
03. Chao Xi Huan Ni/I Like You Very Much
04. Dong Le/Understood
05. Wo Yi Zhi Dou Zai/I'm Always There
06. Sha Sha De Yong Qi/Foolish Courage
07. Xie Xie Ai/Thanks To Love
08. Tian Shi De Yong Bao Embrace Of An Angel (Instrumental)
09. Tou Tou Ai (Yan Zou Qu)/Secret Love (Instrumental)
10. Tian Shi Yi Quan (Yan Zou Qu)/Angel Spring (Instrumental)
11. Wan Dan Le (Yan Zou Qu)/I'm Done For (Instrumental)
12. Huan Xiang (Yan Zou Qu)/Fantasy (Instrumental)
13. Thanks To Love /Thanks to love (Instrumental)
14. Ai Dao Feng Kuang (Yan Zou Qu)/
15. Qi Dai /Expectation (Instrumental)
16. Bi Chao Ren Hai Chao Xi Huan Ni (Yan Zou Qu)

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