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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

For Fun of Underwater Fashion Show!

without catwalks and red carpets but the show must go on! At a recent show in Sydney, Australian models held their noses, and took runway fashion where it's never gone before -- to the bottom of a water tank.

it's all about sinking or swimming

Decked out in designer couture, Australian TV stars Jason Dundas and Kristian Schmid, model Jamie Wright and Biggest Loser trainer Shannan Ponton took the plunge, as an audience of fashion industry hotshots at Sydney's Circular Quay tried not to laugh.

It's not because of they're running out of red carpets but..

Cosmopolitan magazine and Neutrogena skincare company sponsored the show. Why? "For fun," an organizer said.

wet but still looks great

As for the models, they tried to prove that you can hold your breath underwater and still look glamorous and gorgeous! If you're interested to be in the Australian Next Top Model, you'll be next in the tank!



Joe Ilaog said...

Not so flattering for the models but good job CREATIVE TEAM. They've thought of a radical way to present their ideas, yeah? LOL. Thanks for visiting my site. I kinda like your site, jasmine. Down for an ex-link?

eunice said...

haha I don't think that is an easy task for them to wear full suit and swim in water! XD

Esteban dL said...

hi, thanks for the visit... nice day!

Ivana said...

hehehe...great innovation...I don't think that I can be beautiful if the shot is in the sea,hehehe

Anonymous said...

wow that's really cool, nice shots too, Geeezeeeeeeeee I love those pictures thanks for sharing:D'

and btw~ thanks for visiting my site!!

Anonymous said...

I like this idea... who would thought that you can wear a tuxedo or a gown in a pool ;)