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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Know What You're Buying & Risks

No matter where on the planet you’re shopping, or if you're shopping virtually on the internet, you’ll find supplements promising to help you lose weight. Since they’re sold as being all natural, herbal or even homeopathic, it’s tempting to trust that they’re safe.

Over recent months, health departments around the world have been issuing warnings to consumers about increasing numbers of weight loss supplements being found to be adulterated with prescription medications and hormones that can result in serious health risks.


Maki said...

Like you said, I believe people should not buy any stuff like that online, especially supplements or medication. It's dangerous!!! Great blog:) I'll come back again for sure..

Unknown said...

nothing's better than choosing what you eat and eating them right... me? i don't care that much as long as i'm eating the right stuff. just a little of everything.

i take vitamins & supplements, too. mostly the ones you get from pharmacies.