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Thursday, September 11, 2008

I scream, you scream, for SUPER-STRANGE ICE CREAMS!

I scream, you scream, we'd all scream if we had to eat any of the super-strange ice cream concoctions. 5 toppings you'd love for sure!

1) England's The Fat Duck is one of the top-rated restaurants in the world. Their menu includes some extremely strange frozen concoctions such as sardine on toast sorbet, and bacon and egg ice cream.

2) At Ben and Bill's Chocolate Emporium in Bar Harbor, Maine, you can order lobster ice cream complete with "bountiful chunks of real lobster."

3) Gilroy, California is the Garlic Capitol of the World. Every year, it holds a Garlic Festival featuring all kinds of food made from garlic, including garlic ice cream.

4) Spaghetti Eis (or spaghetti ice) is a German-style of ice cream that's pressed through a Spatzle maker and comes out on a plate looking like a mound of spaghetti. Houston's Spaghetti Ice Cream Company has brought this European specialty to the States. They also sell Lasagna ice cream and Asparagus ice cream.

5) Probably the weirdest ice cream concoctions in America can be found in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware at the Udder Delight Ice Cream House. Flavors include chunky bacon and Cackalacky. (Note: Cackalacky is a type of barbecue sauce used on North Carolina barbecued pork ribs)

Another strange favorite concoction at Udder Delight is their "Viagra" ice cream. It's blue ice cream made with orange and pineapple, and topped with Pop Rocks, Remember that 80s fad?


Unknown said...

have you ever tried 'fried ice cream' or 'ice cream pao'? no kidding...

★Jasmine said...

i think i tried one ;)
and it's delicious with a hot buttered bread with toppings.

but not as strange as i found the world wide ice creams... weird toppings.... xD

and i don't even think it's eatable anyway.. xD