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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Book Review: Kamceng dengan Solat

as known as Get Closer to Prayer by Malaysians writers, Mohd Zawawi Yusoh and Siti Hasnah Hamzah.

book front cover

I've just finished reading this book! Such an interesting book with simple grammatically described. Well done to Malaysian writers!

I love when it relates the point with facts and events. Simply accurate and understandable for kids and teens who have problem to confront the uses of prayers in daily life. With dialogues between two friends; Jamilah and Suraya. Jamilah is a school teacher who offered help to her friend, Suraya, who wanted to know more about prayer in addition of a few questons crossed into your mind you might want to ask were now ANSWERED!

Now, I understand better why we should pray, where we should pray, how to do perform better in prayers, and lots more! and most of all, without cramming.

MARHABAN YA RAMADHAN! I would like to recommend you to read this book especilly on this month and let it strengthen your faith. Happy reading!

---Reviewed by Jasmine.

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Anonymous said...

Mensyukuri begitu besar nikmat yang sudah diberikan oleh Allah SWT
Jangan selalu melihat ke atas, lihatlah orang lain yang lebih susah. Begitu banyak nikmat yang diberikan oleh-Nya.Saat ini kita masih bisa bernafas, masih bisa makan, bisa minum, masih mempunyai keluarga, masih mempunyai apa yang kita miliki saat ini,masih mempunyai panca indera mata, hidung, telinga dan...masih bisa bernafas (masih diberi kesempatan hidup). Masih pantaskah kita tidak bersyukur dan tidak berterimakasih pada-Nya.

Unknown said...

sure looks interesting to me... wish i could read and understand malay!

Bryan J said...

thanks for the book reccomendation

Borneo Falcon said...

Looks like a good book. Will try to source one

Unknown said...

the cover looks interesting...

hi sis, thanks for visiting my food blog and pls. grab the award here.

have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

What is the meaning of Kamceng?

★Jasmine said...

'kamceng' is a malay word.
also known as be/got closer