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Friday, August 8, 2008

IT'S 080808!

today I specially woke up at 8.08 a.m~ ^^
a 60 seconds for once in a lifetime.

haha nice number, eh?
080808 on 8.08 a.m

and oh, tonight on 8.00 p.m at Beijing is..

whee~ I can't wait, yeap!

Acctually, i'm...
waiting for Yao Ming from Houston Rockets!!! Jersey #11

Injury-plagued seasons (2005–2008)
and missed almost 55 games!
I think I read about him that when he came back for the game, which the Rockets won 104–88, was broadcast on 19 networks in China, and was watched by over 200 million people in China alone, making it one of the most-watched NBA games in history!

YEAP~! If you're one of Yao's fan, join us HERE!

and oh, did I mention that I got JingJing (FuWa doll) from MCDonald? and a limited edition cup, which is BASKETBALL???

Whoa~ I'm the luckiest person in the world!!! I'm only gonna use that cup after HOUSTON ROCKET'S VICTORY!!!! *kampaiii* ^^

What kampai is? On top of my blog, there's a little box. type there and as all you wanted =)


(Sorry no pictures shown, I'll edit this post after August test. I'm not suppose to online now, you see, after leaving a little folks here, i'm off, so just wait & see!)

for Rocket's VICTORY~!

p/s: secretly blogging =p


eunice said...

Let me be the first to post a comment here on 080808!

wow salute! u woke up at such an auspicious hour!! haha, surely very lucky this year!! :D

I just published a post at 08:08pm on 080808 too! Check out my site n leave comment too!

Happy watching the Games! Me watching the opening ceremony now, at the same time finger busily typing this message! Enjoy!

★Jasmine said...

haha~ i'm FULL of spirits for Olympics!! ^^

but I wondered why did the open ceremony began at 8.08 p.m? isn't it supposed to be 8.08 a.m? because 8.08 p.m is 20.08!

by the way, the night ceremony was AWESOME anyway! ^O^

hey it's just my though, okay, i didn't mean to be mean. ^^

i1chocolat said...

LOL haven't thought of that, yeah 8pm is 2000hrs, and not 0800hrs :p