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Sunday, July 27, 2008

My Fairytales :What Goes Around Comes Around:

"Living in a fairytale isn't all it's cracked up to be"

21th July 2008; Monday

Oh yeah~ Completed my geography folio! No need to bag 50 marks for the next geography exam!

22th July 2008; Tuesday

There's bunch of homeworks given!!! ...speechless.... & start completing it...

23th July 2008; Wednesday

OMG! I know you can't believe what I see cause what I see is what I believe (hah?) So Mr. Ong came to class, and I desperately wondering either he know who am I? So, we get History folio! NO~!!! History folio !@#$$%^&*! it's terrible, horrible & vegetable!!! It is. and the full marks is only 20??? Is this some kind of JOKE?!

24th July 2008; Thursday

Today I learn lots of new things. One of that new things are to overcome impossibilities written by Richard's experiences. It's a homework on short stories & almost half of the question given are blanks~ (haha XD.. I tried my best you know, it's UNANSWERABLE!) then we have P.E class. Somehow I thought it just end up burned because we are only allowed to play badminton & THERE'S NO MORE RACKETS AVAILABLE! but then there's teacher suggestion to play ball, all together to combine to make a team to pass ball to another. Quite fun though.

25th July 2008; Friday

I came early to school for duty and guess what?? Cik Balvir's MC! YAY! so we go to the next plan, Go Green (Civic Subject) I'm supposed to be there by 11.30 a.m but since Cik Balvir's MC so we show up early. THIS IS THE UNBELIEVABLE PART! there's a "girl's" arrangement asked us to be there by 9-9.30 a.m and "they" arrived around 10?! then I decided to take a walk and pluck some plants (one of the agenda) and when I came to class, I saw "they" are playing around, gossiping, ect.. "they" know i'm here and become more serious. Then I heard about the mural thing. a "girl" tell me she forget to bring water colour, crayon, ect.. so "they" want to go to a "girl" house to take it.. WHAT?! as I stood in silence, it's almost 10.30 a.m and now only "you girls" want to speak up? we wait, wait and wait. and around 11.30, we want to go home as there's nothing to do. Then, we meet "them" on the way home.. speechless.. then I asked myself, "they" took one hour to go to "her" house and "her" house is just nearby....

26th July 2008; Saturday

Tuition on 8 a.m?? Wow! Yup, my cousins from far far away come here! Oh, I go to school. Oh yeah~ UNBELIEVABLE, eh?? 2 last period we go for an aerobic & it is..... quite "fun"... And oh, the speaker make my ears hurt.. it sounds like a broken tape.. Yeetttttttttttt---- when I come home there's another cousins here! Having so much fun for the whole day! and PIZZA

"It's all folks!"


Johnny Ong said...

No its not a joke. It was my idea to even allocate marks for HW. After some negotiation w Ms. Balvir, we came to a consensus of allocating 20% of d marks 4 HW. I don't think its 2 bad a deal because yr actual score is x tabulated jst whether o x u did yr work (& put effort into it).

Anonymous said...

did she mean history folio???

★Jasmine said...

jasmine to anonymous: hey thanks for the visit and the answer.. =D

jasmine to johhny ong: er no, what I meant for 20 full marks are referring to History folio. it's difficult to complete it & the full marks is only 20/20