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Monday, July 14, 2008

My Fairytales :Folk's Enough:

"Living in a fairytale isn't all it's cracked up to be"

14th July 2008; Today.

I'm waiting for Afifah to complete my Geo work. She'll be coming around 9.30 a.m before going to duties at Hell. Oh yeahh~! Now I'll be making my today's round on blogroll~

13th July; Sunday

I was at my village, missed my English tuition but it wasn't. My home tuition teacher got short term memories. She didn't even show up, nor SMS. Poor others waited. They woke up early for the class; 9.00 a.m. =)

12th July; Saturday

After Mandarin tuition, my parents invited me to go back to hometown. Happy? Dissapointed? hm, 50-50. My folio haven't done, yet!!!

11 th July; Friday

This was an UNBELIEVABLE day! [kind of, haha!] Fatin apologies to me that she didn't mind both of us.. through SMS! and first SMS, i had replied it so I though no more will be send to me. As I walk in the tuition class, I heard like, "Correct, correct, correct.. A, a.. correct, correct, correct" and the class went quite for a second [some kind of action to detect where it came from] & ALL were laughing like a (T_T) I waited 12 seconds to finish the ring tones to save face! After class, usually I watch TV with my cousins, brothers.. but I don't. I called Fatin & we talked for 13 minutes!

7-1oth July; Monday-Thursday

Fatin hadn't talk, ect ect to me for the past few days. [for the WHOLE WEEK!] I didn't know what I did wrong, so I silently understood that she can't or wouldn't talk to me, Afifah either. So we all went quite.. But, there was a annoying fella who was talking all day long to me about guys, politics, erhh something that BORING & she kept on repeating the same topic, FOR THE WHOLE DAY! just imagine it! I'm so tired & getting sick of her! PLEEASSEEE FATIN~! i would rather kept my mouth shut for you than hearing those tattles!!!! SAVE ME!!!

"It's all folks!"

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