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Sunday, June 22, 2008

My Fairytales :Lame Shots:

"Living in a fairytale isn't all it's cracked up to be"

today is SUNDAY~!

(no idea what's new to post here because last night i've posted one) -scroll down to see. =D

okay. once you see the title, you see, it's boring because i'll be writting,

my story
whee pee~ =)
the class photos are ready!

i've saw my lame postures, 3 shots.

1) Formal- (everyone seems very freaking serious.. no teeth shown except Dzaleha)
2) Special Candid- (not really special.. it's all folks!.. no body seems ready to pose~)
3) Informal- (this is suppose to be the special candid! fantastic!) =D

i ordered 3 pictures,

Special candid-3R

Informal- 10R~

so, sorry ya.. no pictures to present. wait till i got them, then i'll post here. =p
~sweet memories 2008 between US~
(hm.. sweat. kind of, yes! i wish there'll be.. some would be fine..)

and oh! know what?? i've been waiting for this shoot for ages! (and i mean it!)
hey, since it was a pity for not telling you,
here's the clue.

wanna see my first planned pose..

Okay. One of these shots are supposed to be it. but then i'll be need another person to complete it with. and nobody know this posture! then i though Maryam would knew it (because she's korean madness) but it end up none because she's, you know, shy or whatever does it call..

Then, i end up doing heart shape with Fatin using our hands.
Although it's a small heart shape, but i'm still glad she would do this with me.

Like, who would? except her?

and you know what,
when we got to see the sample pictures, they we're quite shock of us (me and Fatin). Like who is that?? so, i wished to buy all the pictures in 3R's sizes. but then, my classmates (them) encourage me to buy the heart-shape-posing picture in 10R because they love it! =D

but still, i told them about the posture thing (view the picture above) because actually posturing differently is my secret weapon.. it's been a secret.. between me, myself and I.. well, you won't understand me, i would like to be different with others but better. hm, shock? that's me. =)

okay, then they thought it was a fantastic idea to do the posture (view the picture above). so do you wanna know what they planned? next year's class photo-Informal photo, they wanted to do the same! oh, only god knows my feeling. =(

oh no, i've been writting so long for today's post.. =)
hopefully you wouldn't feel bore to here these from me.
heart to heart talk.

"It's all folks!"

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